Today I am asking myself: what is the steepest angle I can print without needing supports. 

First I created a wall using sketch up that was too small and the resolution did not hold its form. I also was noticing some issues with the object staying fixed to the build platform while printing.

Then I tried 60 degrees. I created a larger surface area for the wall but was still having trouble with the object sticking to the build platform. You can see below in the images with the arrows that it begins to release at the corner from the platform.

Next, 45 degree angle. Still no supports are needed. I also am getting a better adhesion to the build platform. There are not any corners lifting from the platform. 

Now... 25 degrees! No supports! The underneath (the side closer to the build pad) looks very different from the previous ones. I think it was really struggling to print at such a steep angle.