Cord Baskets by Angela Malchionno

Rachel wearing  NUUFORM top  and Cord Basket by Angela Malchionno 

Rachel wearing NUUFORM top and Cord Basket by Angela Malchionno 

I first met Angela Malchionno as a student back in 2011. She was my professor in printmaking at Washington University in Saint Louis for the two and a half years I attended school there. I am lucky to now call her my friend. Angela took over ownership of Enamel a little more than a year ago. Enamel is now a textile design studio that produces limited edition goods as well as original artworks. Enamel is not only Angela's studio however, they also offer workshops in fiber arts, such as their always popular Shibori Happy Hours. Enamel's mission also involves supporting other textile artists and designers by showcasing their goods. They have hosted pop ups for Production-Mode (ethically made clothes and accessories made in Chicago) and NUUFORM! <3

Angela has been on a roll making cord baskets. The process of turning cord into basket is magical. I have had the pleasure of watching her create these pieces with her very bad ass vintage Singer Slant-o-Matic. It's amazing to watch cord turn into a vessel that can hold your stuff!

photo courtesy&nbsp;of Angela Malchionno

photo courtesy of Angela Malchionno

These baskets are a great way to organize your projects. I recently purchased a polka dot hand painted cord basket at Angela's trunk show at Urban Matter in Saint Louis' Dutchtown neighborhood. I have been using it to organize my yarn while I am knitting. It's nice to not have to run after my yarn as it rolls all over my apartment while I am knitting. My yarn is now in TIME OUT! It's not going anywhere. 

Making a NUUFORM top

Making a NUUFORM top

It's not just useful however, It's really nice to look at on your table as well. Maybe it's just because I can totally geek out on yarn but I love seeing this basket of yarn on my table! 

I look forward to keeping an eye on what's next from Angela. You can follow her on Instagram to see more process shots and finished products as they develop. If you are local, you can get your own cord basket while they last at Urban Matter in Dutchtown.

Awesome display of Angela's baskets and shibori goods at Urban Matter

Awesome display of Angela's baskets and shibori goods at Urban Matter