The dust is finally beginning to settle from last weekend and the launch extravaganza! 

First of all I want to give a giant shout-out to Angela from Enamel. She was incredibly helpful to me throughout the whole process of launching my brand. From the use of her studio/art space for the party and pop-up to helping me install the pipe railing to being a sounding board for my ideas! She is a goddess and a vision. Major props to Enamel for being awesome, definitely check them out online. 

NUUFORM launched last weekend and it was fabulous! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with me. There was a good turn out and it was so great to finally get to talk to people who up until that night had only see pictures of the tops online. It felt so good to show the work I had been doing for the past three months. On Sunday I launched the online shop. Launching the shop felt like a major turning point from NUUFORM being an idea or a hobby to being an actual business and me being a boss (which I am so excited about). The really exciting news is that I have made some sales which makes me feel even more excited about the future of NUUFORM. Being able to buy yarn for the next set of tops with money I earned through my creativity and hard work is the most rewarding feeling! I look forward to sharing on the blog more about my progress into business woman-hood and also the evolution of NUUFORM as a brand and the tops at the first collection. Looking forward to F/W 15 already.

 :) Check out the shop, they are selling out quick! 



Thank you to Jake from Red Fox Bakery for decadent chocolate cookies. 

Thank you to Enamel.