Quick Update

Things have been busy for me lately. I recently received my Certificate of Formation for my LLC and I am officially in business! It's been very fun and also very challenging to begin to understand how to be the maker and also the BOSS. I've always been an artist and a maker but the frontier of business is one that is new and exciting for me to learn about.  There was a moment after the launch event when I was feeling a little lost. My goal for the pop up shop was to have as many tops as possible and now I am slowing down a little and perfecting my finishing techniques and design. I feel like I am also beginning to understand the groove of business! 

The newest NUUFORM

The newest NUUFORM

I am spending the week at home in Western Massachusetts visiting my parents. I brought my newest top which perfectly matched my mom's shorts so we had to do a photoshoot! 

I also very recently joined Pinterest. I am using it as a way to keep track of some inspirations and to put my work in that context as well. If you're on Pinterest check out my boards and follow me!